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Contest Results

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 29, 2012, 4:30 PM
All the entries are in and judged.  But before I announce the winners, lets take a moment to review the requirements of the contest.

The requirement was simple.  The following passage had to be included in the lit piece:
"It first felt as though he were falling, but then he realized he was being sucked in like a vacuume.

And then--nothing. He was just standing up like normal. But then again, nothing was the same. He couldn't think straight and nothing stayed in his head for long. Everything looked clearer; he didn't think there was anything wrong with his vision until now. But even these feelings weren't his! He was normally calm, but he felt so mad--and hurt--and confused. These emotions left him... ambivalent. Where did he even learn that word?!

Wait a moment...was that him? It was! Standing in front of him was a very frustrated-looking version of himself! This didn't make any sense...what was going on?"

And now the winners:

First Place


Romancing a Bodysnatcher"Mr. Atkinson."
Leon's eyes darted away from the auburn hair that swayed gently as her green eyes met his. He instead focused his attention on his aging professor who stood at his computer, angrily pointing at the projection of microscopic molecules on the wall. Professor Kennedy had noticed Leon's attention span waning ever since Kat the TA stepped into the room.
"Mr. Atkinson, could you please provide me with the scientific definition of cell division that we have just discussed."
Rupert Kennedy's wrinkled face smirked as if he were pleased with his capture of an inattentive student. Leon smiled, refusing to be outdone in the presence of an auburn hottie.
"What other one is there?"
"Excuse me?" Professor Kennedy demanded as he lowered his arm questioningly.
"You asked for the scientific definition. Is there an unscientific one?" The class chuckled amongst themselves, glad for a moment of entertainment however poor the joke was. Kat's smile glittered across the room and reached

Sample of Their Gallery

My Only SunshineThe chair creaked and groaned as if crying out for an unrequited answer. Anna ceased her relentless rocking, unaware of how long she had actually been sitting there. A slight memory of a crackling fire burned through her mind as the frigid cold took hold of her immediate thought. "The fire…" She murmured to herself, "It's gone out."
As if expecting a reaction from the nearby furniture, she paused a moment, contemplating the last few minutes of intense thought that had made her let the flames die. Excusing her momentary lapse, she managed to bundle up the fabric of her dress and make her way towards the last bits of wood that would keep her warm this Christmas Eve. Placing her small frail hands on the logs of oak sitting next to the fireplace, she took in the fresh smell - one that had once enveloped her handmade home with fragrance and constant comfort. It had faded, along with the fire.
Finishing her chore, Anna gathered up the bottom of her dress, and sighed with the creaking of
"You girls need a ride?"
October looked up, letting her eyes stray from the gravel beneath her feet. She had been walking along the highway for so long she had started counting her steps to pass the time, hoping that when she finally looked up she would see civilization. Abigail ran to the truck driver's passenger door, haphazardly pushing past October as if she had never ridden in a vehicle before.
October glared at the driver's soiled clothes, greasy hair, and crooked teeth. She imagined his smell which made her gag uncontrollably. It was as if his unkemptness was setting off red flags in her head: "Never talk to strangers. And never accept rides from hillbilly truck drivers in the middle of nowhere."
"Where are you headed?" Abigail questioned playfully. Even though she was a few years older than October, it seemed to make her more reckless than wise. Before the driver had the chance to wheeze whatever location in Kansas he was headed to, October yanked the sultry temptress to
The Ballantine Brothers"They were enemies, you see? Brothers made violent by the eruption of the Civil War."
"Oh Dylan, you know JUST what to say…"
"Be quite, Tiffany! What happens next Dylan?"
The teenagers laid shacked up in Dylan Ballantine's family getaway - a decades old "mansion", remnants of the Ballantine Plantation Legacy. The seventeen year-old boy leaned closer towards his two female friends, smirking secretly at their growing anticipation. There's no telling how many times he'd told the story of his doom-fated ancestors… but the reaction of anyone listening was always priceless.
"I thought you were too scared Ana." Dylan smiled at the raven-haired girl mischievously, knowing she was enjoying the moment more than anyone.
"Continue with your poetry, Shakespeare." She pushed him playfully, egging him on.
Dylan moved forward from his place against the living room couch, scooting closer to the shaking Tiffany. "Civil War tore families apart, right? The same could be said of The Ballantine Br

Second Place



Sample of Their Gallery

:thumb319026956: :thumb310107637: :thumb325967693:

Third Place



Sample of Their Gallery

:thumb334820391: :thumb334801727: :thumb334194715:

Keep and Eye Out for Our Next Contest Announcement!

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