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All the entries are in and judged.  But before I announce the winners, lets take a moment to review the requirements of the contest.

The requirement was simple. Write a short story, of no more than 1000 words, with the central theme of "1000."

And now the winners:

First Place


1000One thousand marching men,
one thousand stitches sewn,
every seam and every hem,
prepared in ladies home.
One thousand tiny guns,
point towards the sky,
one thousand soldier-sons,
whom on this day may die.
One thousand mums at home,
eagerly they wait,
in fear of being shown,
one thousand twists of fate.
One thousand beating drums,
sound them off to war,
one thousand marching chums,
march forever more.
One thousand children born,
one thousand little boys,
one thousand mothers torn,
by one thousand army toys.
They're never coming back,
those marching friends of old,
one thousand wives will always lack,
loving hands to hold.

Sample of Their Gallery

I NeverI never thought sadness would have me reached,
for these sorts of things,
tears like soliders; storm eyes and have duckts breached;
for those who've earnt their hallowed wings.
I never thought I would care,
when a friendship drew to an end,
yet in my heart - saddness resides there,
contentment - I can no longer pretend.
Our StarsOne billion tiny stars,
shinning in the sky,
each a special spot of ours;
the dot to dots, of you and I.
So look into the blackest night,
watch the majesty unfold,
I gaurntee you will delight,
in those little spots of gold.
Footballer - LymricThere was a footballer called patrick,
who attempted third goal of hat-trick,
when he went to score,
He couldn't no more,
For the opasition had subed in a fat chick.

Second Place


ScruckmoonuckshyeWorlds of elves and dwarven kind, burn away in this cold night.
Happy ending love and crime, fuel my fire to survive.
Shining knights and pretty brides, turn to ashes for my life.
Thousand worlds that aren't mine, burn away in so short time.
Scruckmoonuckshye Scruckmoonuckshye
A silent whisper in my mind.
Staring at the flames I curse- ...what I have become
Just a slave for thousand liars making it a thousand one.
What I do is good. What I do is right. I do it to survive.
Trapped between the flames and cold, trying to avoiding their bite.
Scruckmoonuckshye Scruckmoonuckshye
Something protests inside my mind.
Word for word I rip apart, till my hands are smeared with blood.
All the lies they forced on me, only burn a thousand ticks.
It's just ink on bloody paper a thousand shreds turning to ash.
I use my teeth to fuel the fire, till lips and tongue are leaking blood.
Scruckmoonuckshye Scruckmoonuckshye
It screams from the corner of my mind.
The bag of lies is almost empty, but the fire s

Sample of Their Gallery

Sometimes I Ask Myself...If the board of bears gets bored,
deciding that bears should bear the barely bearly burden of bearing bird-en boars,
not bearing the bearly barely burden of bearing boring bears
and bears would be on board,
bearing the barely bearly burden of bearing bird-en boars,
being born by barely bears, but bird-en boars,
being born by barely bird-en boars, but boring bird-en birds,
would that be a pundemic or a pundemonium?
It's Over!When I saw you, I immediately knew, that I wanted you, needed you.
Everything you said was so funny, I couldn't stop listening to your amazing voice.
I was sure you were the best choice in my life, that we would stick together forever.
You made my life complete, gave me the strength to stand up every morning.
You words brightened my life everyday anew.
You were there for me, supported me and I knew, I could always rely on you.
But this fondness for you faded over the years.
I began to hate you and your voice, every day, every year, I had to bear it.
Always the same stupid shit, over and over again, telling me what I have to do.
I just started ignoring you which made it only worse for me.
I almost lost my job because of you, but you didn't care.
You just continued to spit out the same stupid words over and over again.
Now I stare at you again, full of contempt and hate.
All I see is a lifeless husk, holding things I don't care to understand anymore.
And I know, if I don't do anythi
Bloody Education: Neutron StarLanadriel stopped reading her book for a moment to look at Respit and Solira sitting at the same table.
Lanadriel: "It's so quiet."
Solira put away her mobile, she was pressing buttons on for a while, delegating her men.
Solira: "Didn't notice. Good you pointed that out."
Lanadriel: "No I mean, maybe someone should check on her."
Solira: "Hm. You might be right."
Respit: "Can't we just enjoy the time she is not around?"
Solira: "Oh a volunteer."
Respit: "Can't you go?"
Solira: "No you go and drop that "can't" pus!"
Lanadriel: "Yamete! Both of you. That's plain disgusting!"
Solira: "Why don't you go, if I bother you so much?"
Lanadriel: "No. Not after what happened last time."
Respit: "You could have knocked."
Lanadriel: "Or you two could simply not do such terrible things?"
Respit: "I don't think I need your appro-"
Solira: "Shut up and check on her!"
Solira threw his feet off the table and he flipped over his chair.
Respit: "Jaja."
It didn't take Respit long to

Third Place


Out Of The ThousandMy feelings for you,
Are like the starry sky.
Not one, two, or three,  
But one thousand I have developed about you.
And they all mean the same thing.
My words to you,
I do not give many to anyone.
But for you, I'd say a thousand if I wanted to.
Perhaps it's too much to ask for you to listen to these words.
But from what I learned, one word could mean a thousand things.
My choice of you,
I picked from one thousand paths.
I could have picked the one that lead farthest from you.
But out of the thousand,
I chose you.

Sample of Their Gallery

ChangeOne Summer when I was no more than eight, me and my family had gone to visit my grandparents in Colorado for vacation. My grandfather, an adventurous man decided to take me and my brother out for a walk. We walked on a nature path and through woods. After about a half hour later we reached a steep hill. I was far too tired to try and walk to the top. But my grandfather assured me that the what's on the other side will be worth all the struggle. And to this day he was never more correct. After reaching the top I could see the other side, a large calm river filled with big black flat rocks. The rocks were big enough that at least five people would be able to sit on them. That's exactly what we did. Some people were already there, children running around the trees that soared high. It took a while to take it all in. Finally when it was time to go home, my grandfather told me that one day he would bring us back here and we would all have a picnic.
Now present time, my grandfather has been
BrainwashThey tell us things,
Things to make us paranoid,
Paranoid enough to make us blind,
Blind enough to believe their lies,
Their lies put us through hell,
Hell is just the beginning,
The beginning to the end,
The End.
Words Can KillWhy the hate?
Why the words?
Why be the bully?
It's people like you that make thousands commit to suicide.
Yes, words can kill. Some even more than a knife.
And don't think you're not a bully,
If you ever told someone to go and kill themselves,
Then classify yourself as a bully.
There are worse people out there, worse than the innocent life you're torturing.
And to me, you're worse than them.
The scene-
Pills on the floor,
A body on the floor,
A mother on the floor, sobbing.
The cause? You.
How does it feel to know you just ended a life?
You regret what you did?
You want to change what happened?
Too late, the hole has been made
You're not just the bully anymore, you're a victim to yourself.  
Nobody will forget.Ever.
The fingers point at you.
How does it feel to know you're a killer?

Keep and Eye Out for Our Next Contest Announcement!

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Congrats to the winners! :huggle:
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