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Interview With An Admin

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 18, 2013, 10:30 PM
1. Hi ASortaSadSoliloquy! You've been selected for our staff interview for Love-Literature!
I’m thrilled. XD

2. What made you want to become an admin for Love-Literature? And what does your role entail?
Actually, I was just looking around for any old group to join and help out as part of an admin team, when I stumbled upon this lovely crew. A few words with the amazing founder and my now-boss, and I got to become a part of making: devLove-Literature: run smoothly. What do I do? Well, *points at screen* THIS. Interview With An Admin. Every month, I receive an interview in a note from the boss-lady and it’s my job to fix it up so it’s easy to read and make sure all the links send you where you’re supposed to go.

3. Are you an admin for any other groups? If so, what are they and what do you do for them?
Not actively, seeing as they are both dead groups. 30-Minute-Stories was a great idea, and I worked alongside the founder, SelectFew to do what needed to be done. ShareYourSoliloquy was my brainchild, however, even though my incredible co-founder and friend sam7elric and I tried our best, the group simply didn’t have the membership or publicity needed to go anywhere. The group was based on the idea that everyone has a story to tell. That is, your life story. Be it happy, unlucky, fun, or sorta sad, it is important. Nothing eases the mind like knowing that someone knows your story, that you aren't alone, that people have similar situations.

4. Are there any deviants who inspire you here on dA? If so, who are they are and what is your favorite piece of theirs? (Up to 4 deviants, 1 piece per deviant, please)
Of COURSE! Let’s see, there is my crazy Washington state friend, whom I’ve known for a while and collaborated with. My favorite of hers is probably >< it’s a vivid prose poem that just strikes a chord in me, in a deep place. It’s chillingly good.

Next, is my Spanish-speaking, Coldplay-loving, graffiti artist, deviantArt madre, FRITOpie1130 I met her, and she helped me with a sculpture project last year, and since then we’ve been friends. My favorite has to be >< depicting her RP character, Hope.

Let’s not forget my longtime irken friend, GravityBee. She did a request for me a while ago, but it involves a past love, so my new favorite is probably ><. This is the deviation that we “met” upon. Me, seeing my name, decided to view, and left a comment, which turned into a conversation, which resulted in us both being torched by Chuck Norris and his flamethrower, and concluded with Bez bringing the tacos. Yeah, we’re crazy. Got a problem with that?

Not trying to leave anyone out, but I will have to give the last spotlight to David, (idoartguy) for all the positive work in the community he does. Not only that, but his poetry is quite beautiful, and I especially liked ><.

5. We know you're a writer, but are you a reader? And what sort of stuff do you really like to read; what are you reading right now?
I try. I really do. Though I am busy a lot, I try to look through the new submissions and find some that I really enjoy. As far as published works go, I like fiction and poetry. The wilder the better. Orson Scott Card and Edgar Allen Poe are my favorite.

6. When did you start writing? Was it a conscious decision or just something you enjoyed doing?
I’m not sure. Just started with a notebook and an idea I guess.

7. Is writing something you want to pursue as a career? If not, do you have anything in mind for your future career?
Actually, I have wanted to be a writer for a while now, but haven’t the time nor patience to further that career. So for now I shall continue working at KFC, and attending school.

8. Tell us a random fact about yourself!
I play League of Legends, and my username is orangesurfblue, in case anyone was interested. Nerdom ftw.

9. Now tell us something no one else/not many people know (but that you don't mind our members knowing, of course!)
I’m attending my second semester at a community college near where I live, but I’m still just 17. I graduated last spring at 16. Not because of overachievement. Lol. Just sheer…laziness.

10. Finally, and thank you for taking part in this interview, what are your parting words to the members of Love-Literature and the population of deviantArt in general?
I would glomp each and every one of you. Stay classy dA.

Thanks for your time!

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January 18, 2013


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