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Submitted on
May 28, 2012


24 (who?)
Hello and welcome to Love-Literature. We are a group dedicated to helping writers everywhere, sometimes that means we need to provide a little encouragement and inspiration through the use of contests and prompts (found in the "Weekly/Monthly Prompts" blogs). Here you can find all the information on the latest contests (including some sweet prizes.)


"The Naked Truth" contest has been judged! Here are the results:

(Literally Naked) Truth."Mayor Johnson, is there any rational explanation as to why you're naked?"
He gave me a look as if he were suggesting I was the middle aged man without clothes in the room.
"Sir, I received a call not more than an hour ago from your secretary. She was rather distressed"
"Oh! Elizabeth? What ever for, chief inspector?"
Then came the silence, and it smiled at me incredulously, daring me to test a sound from my throat. My mouth jumped hurdles of air; I must have been standing there for a minute with my jaw swinging and words dying, the corpses sliding off my lips. I probably looked like an aroused goldfish.
"Mr..." I was trying very hard to forget he was a 'mr' at this moment.
"...Boris, your receptionist was rather concerned when she came into your office to see you, and saw a lot more of you than she was hoping to..."
It was a newly modernised office besides the wall-long colonial era bookshelves; furniture that challenges the definition of 'chair' and 'desk', some confusing artworks hu
by Demosthenes-H

The naked truth contest entryWhy do you call people gay?
Do you know what it means?
Homosexuality is not a disease.
You use all these words,
And derogatory names,
Without knowing that we are all just the same.
You tease them, bully them,
Hurting them deep down inside,
Without knowing that’s why,
They commit suicide.
You call them retarded,
Idiot, sped,
You tell them that they are
Screwed up in the head
Now let me tell you,
You have no idea.
They spend their life hiding,
And living in fear.
You keep pushing them,
Making them feel like crap.
Then you get angry,
When they finally snap.
All of these names,
all of these nasty words,
Aren't used by animals,
Apes, fish or birds.
We're a civilized species,
we know right from wrong,
so how has this managed
to go on for so long.
So once and for all,
For the love of god,
by LachlanWeber

Naked RealityWe are all naked,
We just wear cloths to cover the truth,
They see right through the thin fabric,
That holds what we have hidden,
Despite what's in our hearts,
They only see what's on the outside,
But who is around to leave it alone?
No one.
Not one can really tell you your flaws,
Only you can,
But your inner critic just breaks you down,
This is the naked truth,
And no,
Truth does not wear cloth,
For truth is what's real,
We are not.
by XxawesomeninjaxX

1st place:
:bulletgreen: commissions from darkdragon277 (art), x-ForeverSilent-x (lit)
:bulletgreen: critique from x-ForeverSilent-x
:bulletgreen: llamas from L-I-M-E-A-D-E, Soggy-Deathcorn-S, x-ForeverSilent-x, GrahamCracker76, MauraGreen, Mysticstar875, aillin1
:bulletgreen: 50 points

2nd place:
:bulletred: commission from darkdragon277 (art)
:bulletred: llamas from L-I-M-E-A-D-E, Soggy-Deathcorn-S, GrahamCracker76, MauraGreen, Mysticstar875, aillin1
:bulletred: 25 points

3rd place:
:bulletblue: commission from aillin1 (lit)
:bulletblue: llamas from L-I-M-E-A-D-E Soggy-Deathcorn-S, GrahamCracker76, MauraGreen, Mysticstar875, aillin1
:bulletblue: 25 points


Judging: "Lose Control" contest entries
Rules: Must be a member of the group to participate. Submit to the "Contests and Prompts" folder and note the entry to Mysticstar875. Mention in comments that it is for the Love-Literature contest.


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The journal's dated may 28th, 2012. I'm not sure what week or month these prompts and contests are referencing.
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The prompts are updated every week or month.
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